Volunteering At Havilla.

Havilla Volunteer programs in Kenya will provide you the unique and wonderful opportunity to get an international internship or practical work experience in the centre.We recruit volunteers to travel from their countries to come and do practical work at the centre.

Others can also choose not to travel but work from home -e.g -Fundraising,Marketing of Havilla etc.

 Here is the list of Volunteer work at the centre;

  • Volunteers can willingly buy and donate -Food,Sports equipments,and Text Books
  • Teaching children different subjects-Volunteers work as support teachers.They work hand in hand with the employed teachers.
  • Washing utencils after lunch-We provide breakfast and lunch and therefore volunteers can do cleaning of utencils after meals.
  • Cooking for childrens and serving food.
  • Feeding the little childrens.
  • Sports volunteering-Volunteers can help during sports time.They can organise activities to introduce to children.
  • Community development.
  • Construction/building.
  • Medical volunteer-W have a clinic which works in partnership with Havilla.We allow medical students or Qualified nurses,and students who want to do nursing at collages to come and work with other Doctors at the clinic.

Please Note That;

Family volunteering-volunteers can volunteer as a group,family or individual.Volunteers are hosted by host families during their stay.

If you are a student seeking academic credit or simply want to add experience and knowledge in your specified field through international internship, we will provide you a meaningful and incredible option and opportunity for you to achieve this. You will work alongside local people and experience a culture that is both fascinating and enlightening. You'll also have wonderful opportunities to learn about issues pertaining to the third world country.

Your placement also depends on the time you want to stay on the field. Internship programs are available throughout the year for 1-12 weeks. Dates and duration are subject to availability, but Havilla will work with you to accommodate your needs.

Skills Required:

To apply for the our project, no previous experience,skills or profession in your area of study is required, anyone can volunteer and previous foreign travel is desirable, but not required. You should also have to be open-minded as you'll encounter culture and the mentality of the people that are very different from what you're used to back home.

Arrangement of room/food/supervision:

As a Havilla Volunteering's volunteer participant, you will live with a warm and welcoming host family. You'll have a shared room and other facilities. You'll eat with your host family 3 meals a day. Our host families are carefully chosen and all of them have experience of hosting international volunteers. The place is also safe and secure and the meals hygienically prepared. At least one member of the host family will be able to communicate with you in English. During your work, you'll also stay in a host family. This setup will provide you with a wonderful opportunity to experience local culture also.

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